Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We have the answers.

What is Soul Searchers?

Soul Searchers is a community-based platform aiming to connect like-energy individuals or soulmates. Our focus is on forming deeper connections, not based on algorithms, but energy, facilitating spiritual growth and meaningful bonds.

Who can join Soul Searchers?

Anyone interested in spiritual connections, self-improvement, and looking for their soul tribe can join Soul Searchers. Our community primarily appeals to millennials and beyond, focusing on those interested in energy, spirituality, and holistic connections rather than superficial relationships.

What are the Soul Cities?

Soul Cities are key locations where our Soul Searchers community thrives. Each city, from Washington, D.C., to Richmond, VA, resonates with unique energies that contribute to our diverse community.

What are Soul Searchers Tribes?

Our tribes are unique sub-communities within Soul Searchers where members with similar interests or energies connect. We have tribes for Sporty individuals, Artsy souls, Animal Lovers, Healers, Adventure Seekers, and Manifestors.

How does Soul Searchers work?

Once you join Soul Searchers, you can create a profile, explore our cities and tribes, and start connecting with like-energy individuals. It's all about energy and building meaningful connections rather than swiping and superficial relationships.

Is Soul Searchers a dating site?

While dating and forming romantic connections is a part of Soul Searchers, our platform goes beyond that. We emphasize the creation of a community where deeper connections are nurtured, be they friendships, mentorships, or soulmate connections.

Do I need to be religious to join Soul Searchers?

No, Soul Searchers isn't exclusively for religious individuals. While spirituality plays a significant role in our community, we welcome anyone interested in forming energy-based connections, regardless of their religious beliefs.

How can I manifest my soulmate on Soul Searchers?

By joining Soul Searchers and participating in our community, you're already on your way to manifesting your soulmate. Engage with our tribes, explore our Soul Cities, and remain open to the energy of others. Remember, it's about energy, not an algorithm.