Welcome To
Soul Searchers!

Where energy and authenticity rule! Our mission is to CONNECT and SUPPORT heart centered individuals who are seeking deeper and more meaningful connections!


Who is Soul Searchers for?

If you are on a journey of self-discovery and love… If you desire deeper, more authentic relationships… If you are looking for a supportive, authentic community… If you embrace personal growth and empowerment!


What makes Soul Searchers unique?

Soul Searchers is unique in its commitment to spreading peace, love and light into the collective consciousness, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and collective growth of society.


What makes a Soul Connection?

A soul connection brings a feeling of completeness; it’s as if the missing pieces of your life’s puzzle have finally fallen into place! The energy that radiates when you are with this person or group radiates when you’re together!


Why do I have to record a video?

Your video is your energy signature where in a world of fleeting connections, authenticity stands out!


Join Us!

Are you excited to belong to a site that is energetically different than all the rest? We hope you are because WE certainly are! Our official launch is coming SOON! Please leave us your name and email address so that we can contact you with important dates of events!! (sign up here but no payment)


Meet our founder

From my life experience, deep connections are about energy and heart resonance, not checklists that apps support which is why I created Soul Searchers! My heart is my guide!
Love and light always!!
Heather Marie